• Thursday, April 18, 2024

Skip Raschke


Thank you for investing your time and money in what I know will be an exciting as well as educational experience.

I have spent five decades in the world of stock and option trading and that stands behind what you will see, hear and read on the Daily. Over time my passion for trading morphed into my passion for teaching and showing you what I know works, and what does not work, in the modern arena of trading stocks and options.

This journey began in 1975 when I was hired by Paine Webber as a broker trainee. Four years prior and after my college days had ended I had been drafted by the New York Yankees. In addition I joined the USMCR, signing on for 6 years of active and reserve duty.

At the end of 1982, as well as at the beginning of the great bull market of the 80’s I became a member of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, a market maker in equity options for my own risk and reward.

Ten years later, after a very successful decade of options trading, I began the work of studying the stock market and options markets. The culmination of that work and study has become what you will find on here on SOTDaily.com as well as in my book: “Trading Stocks and Options My Way.”

Read, watch, ask, think, enjoy and learn. Write down any questions, and then use the “Ask Skip” tab for the answers.

Thank you—and Welcome to the Daily! Now, let’s get to work!